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Laser machine safety operation guide
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Laser engraving machine at work, if a fault occurs is very dangerous, the novice must pass through the training of professionals to operate independently, the laser engraving machine experts according to experience of laser cutting machine work safety 13 details, we hope to like laser cutting machine to help friends, as follows:
1 observe the general cutting machine rules for safe operation. In strict accordance with the laser initiation procedure laser.
2 operator must undergo training, familiar with the equipment structure, performance, master operating system related knowledge.
3 in accordance with the provisions of wear wear good labor protection supplies, where the laser beam in accordance with the provisions of the nearby must wear protective glasses.
In 4, one is not clear whether the material can be used in laser irradiation or heating, not its processing, in order to avoid potential dangers.
The 5 device to actuate the operating personnel are not allowed to leave the job or client stay tube, such as the need to leave should be shut down or cut off the power switch.
6 fire extinguisher in readily accessible areas; not processing to turn off the laser or optical gate; not in an unprotected laser beam is placed near the paper, cloth or other flammable substances.
7 in the process of unusual, should immediately stop, timely troubleshooting.
8 keep lasers, bed and surrounding area clean, orderly, no oil, the workpiece, sheet metal, waste according to the provisions of stacking.
9 cylinders, should avoid crush welding wire, so as to avoid leakage accident. Gas cylinders used shall comply with regulations, transport cylinders. Prohibition of cylinders in the sun exposure or near heat sources. Open the valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.
Repair of high pressure 10 to observe safety rules. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, each running 1000 hours or every six months for maintenance, in accordance with the regulations and procedures.
11 boot after manual low X, Y direction to actuate the tool, check to make sure any abnormal situation.
12 on the new workpiece program input, should try to run, and to check the operation of.
13, observe the operation of machine tools, in order to avoid cutting machine out of the effective range of travel or two collision accident.