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PDC Matrix body drill bit
  PDC Matrix body drill bit 
sintered drill bit with strong impact resistance, surface resistance to sour, strong protection function and many other advantages, which is a new product derived based on oil drill bit, now gradually replacing steel body bit. In the coal mining, geological exploration, the producat variety is more, innovation.
After years of product design, processing, and customer service process, we summarize a set of using the advanced thoery about PDC cutter, according to different strata for data analysis, sampling, testing, etc., and then choose the mose practical of drill bit type and PDC cutter type.
Product specification is same as steel body bit, also can be individually designed according to customer requirements and processing.
PDC reamer drill bit  
Used for geological exploration frilling holes, gas drainage hole, explore the expansion of relief hole , grouting hole aperture. Apply to soft-hard rock bore hole drilling.
Characteristics: Good expanding orientation, Long service life, High drilling efficiency and wear resistance.
According to stratum characteristics, selecting different drilling and surface structure, the bit adaptability is strong.Highly effective utilization rate of drilling time and auxiliary time short, effectively reduce the workers labor intensity, good comprhensive benefit.