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Auger drill rod

Geological spiral drill rod
Spiral craft: prestressed wire winding and welding with single strip steel or double strip steel, based on the big torque of geological drill rod.
Material of rod body: geological alloy pipe
Material of connector: first-class alloy constructional steel
Craft: thermal refining in vacuum, which greatly improves the fatigue resistance and shearing strength.
Rod body craft: friction welding, which improves the bending strength and the firmness of the drill rod.
Production facility: CNC machining equipment, which guarantees the high production efficiency, steady quality and straightness.
Design feature: overlay spiral. It guarantees big torque, quick slagging, and clear hole forming. Besides, the drill bit will hardly get stuck.
Application: soft coal bed, and other formation similar to coal bed, which is hard to drain and deslag.
Geological spiral drill rod, diameter not bigger than 73mm: match all kinds of hydraulic driver drill.
When drill super soft high pressure coal seam, diameter 90mm, 113mm, 133mm, 146mm will be recommended. It will be more convenient to lay and install core barrel. This kind of drill rod guarantees high efficiency of drilling work, which stops a gap in China.