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Drill rig
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Drilling rigs are mechanical equipment for drilling holes on the surface, which can be large outdoor wells, oil wells, natural gas well drilling equipment, or single mobile small equipment, known as auger. Drilling rigs can be used to sample underground deposits or for installation of underground production equipment such as underground machines, instruments, pipes and hoists. Can be installed in trucks, trailers, orbit of the mobile device, or is more fixed on the land, sea structures (such as drilling platforms, commonly known as "offshore oil rig", although the design does not contain rigs). The term "rig" refers generally to the equipment that drills the earth's crust.
Drilling rigs include:
Small, portable drilling rigs, such as mining drilling, wells, and environmental drilling rigs.
Large rigs can drill on the crust for depth over a thousand kilometers. During the drilling process, the mud pump circulates the mud through the drill pipe, the drill bit into the casing ring, cools the drill bit and removes the chips. The lifting system on the rig can raise hundreds of tons of drill pipe. Other equipment can pump acid or sand into the reservoir, carry out fracturing operations, and guide the oil or natural gas to leave the reservoir to the surface. In remote areas, rigs can have permanent living facilities, catering, can be provided to more than hundreds of employees daily life. Offshore rigs can operate at hundreds of kilometers off the shore, and the crew will rotate.