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button bits can drill formations PDC bits cannot
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Button bits are still a mining and drilling tool used in hard rock drilling even though the PDC drill bit has taken over more than half the market share of total footage drilled.
Even though the PDC bit is wildly popular, tricone bits aren't so easily pushed aside.
For instance, PDC bits currently do not drill gravels, dolomite, and hard limestone very well, if at all.  It seems that the need for tricones will continue for a while.
Since the important gusher at Spindletop and the invention of the bi-cone bit by Howard Hughes, Sr.,  roller cones have played an important role in mining and drilling.
Roller cones have rotating cones that contain tungsten carbide inserts. Tricone, or three cone bits, are the most common; however, two cone and one cone bits are also manufactured but aren't used very often.