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The Determinants of Increasing the Rate of Drilling
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    People who do drilling drilling are hoping to achieve the desired effect on the efficiency of the hole and the speed of the drill when buying rig equipment. That is, the faster the better the hole, and the ability to complete the drilling requirements of low energy consumption.
    Now a lot of the site above the construction are private contract, and the price may also be calculated in accordance with the number of holes, and some holes are fixed number of holes are not fixed, so the more holes also means more benefits it is good.
    In this case, the construction unit in the purchase of a lot of time in addition to considering the price and after-sales service factors, but also pay attention to the efficiency of drilling rig construction, that is, a hole speed problems, and many times The possibility of forming the hole on the one hand is taking into account the performance of the rig problem; the other is largely limited to the construction site of the specific circumstances, such as the hardness of the rock and so on; the last thing to consider is one of the construction Anchoring rig in the construction of drilling methods and construction of the attention, this is also decided to create a speed in the construction of a problem. First in the choice of drilling time must be based on the specific parameters of the construction of the rig to choose, choose a most suitable and probably the ideal construction of the efficiency of the rig, this is a basic aspect, no choice of the right drill may be behind the work in the effort It will not achieve a good construction effect; the other is to understand the specific geological conditions, and then for such a practical situation for the construction process of a choice, the following aspects may affect the construction of the construction speed:
   1. Is the construction of the angle of the problem, the construction of the angle of choice to be able to carry out a good rock break, there may be a lot of demonstration in the structure of the corresponding principle, so for this situation choose a good angle for the construction of drilling machine into the hole speed An important factor;
   2. Taking into account the hardness and brittleness of the rock, the harder the rock may be or the greater the brittleness of the construction speed is old is a good information, such a rock situation can reach the construction speed is the most secure;
   3. For hard and medium hard rock, the use of high frequency and low impact energy impactor rocking effect is good; for hard and hard rock, the use of low frequency and high impact energy impactor rocking effect is better.
       In summary, in different construction conditions corresponding to the construction effect is not the same, so according to the specific circumstances of the construction of the first drilling rig selection, and then the construction process selection and use is to ensure that the drilling machine into the hole of the important the reason.