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Rotary Drilling Bit
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Rotary Drilling Bit 
The use of a spin-off teeth, it is important to understand the performance of Rui Long spin-off teeth. Many customers do not understand why Rui Long spin tooth why will achieve the desired effect, that is, because the dragon can not see the advantages and performance. Rui Long spin tooth can be hot, perhaps because you know about the scope of the application of Rui Long, and the characteristics of its use.
    Rui Long spin tooth selection of high quality alloy structural steel and carbide, Rui Long spin tooth using advanced brazing process, with high wear resistance, long life and other advantages.
    RY29, RZ31, RZ40, RZ47, BZ47-17, BZ47-19, BZ47-22, RZ223059, R202 RZ60, RZ60, RZ70, RZ72, RZ80, another bucket teeth BFZ80, BFZ80T, HQ43H, HQ30, HQ10, HQ85 / 2 HQHR73, 5030, RZ47K19 Rotary picking machine, RZ47K22 Rotary picking machine, C31HD Machine picks, C21HD picking machine picks, RZ47K22 rotary excavator picks.
    Rui Long spin tooth can be with the Bo, Carter, Trinity, Yutong, Fukuda Lovol, Zoomlion and other rotary excavator matching.
    Rui Long rotary tooth used in a variety of pile tools with rotary drilling rig, rotary tooth is a building in the basic engineering work into the hole construction machinery.
    In addition to the manufacturer's official introduction, but also through the use of the unit's feedback to really understand the use of rotating teeth and the use of the situation, in addition to the manufacturer's official introduction, Applicable scope.