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differents of the drill pipe
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Many customers are easy to confuse the three drill pipe with the geological drill pipe, in addition to the appearance can be seen that the rod body of the three has three corners, the geological drill pipe is round. So, the nature of the drill pipe itself and the three drill pipe and the geological drill pipe Guan zhong qi.
First, we first look at the material of the two drill pipe, the geological drill pipe according to the different selection of different materials, Φ 34, using dz50 drill pipe using r780 as drill pipe, drill pipe joint uses quality alloy structural steel 42 material. The edge drill pipe rod body adopts high quality geological alloy steel pipe, and the drill pipe joint adopts high quality carbon alloy structural steel. It is easy to see that the material of the two drill pipe is the same, the rod body all use high-quality geological alloy steel pipe, the joint is selected high-quality alloy structural steel.
Secondly, the geological drill pipe is mainly used for drilling, mining and anchoring in coal mines, mines, construction and water conservancy engineering, railway highway and bridge tunnel. Mainly used in coal mine ground water, tanwasi, tanxiangdao. And the edge drill pipe is widely used in drilling, coal drilling and gas drainage under coal seam and jinmeiceng geological conditions, and can also be used in the anchoring and drilling construction of geophysical exploration and water conservancy construction engineering. There is no special distinction between the two applications of the drill pipe, so the problem comes, since there is no qualitative distinction, why should you study these two products?
The key point is, the edge series products are a patented product developed by our company in recent years, with independent intellectual property rights. According to different geological conditions, our company designed production of different types and functions of a series of three drill pipe products, meet the personalized needs of different customer construction. Improve the drilling construction efficiency and probability of pore formation, greatly reduce the probability of drilling tool death and the loss of drill rod. Reduce drilling construction cost, significantly improve the economic benefits of drilling construction. This series technology fills the domestic industry blank, becomes the important product of drilling construction under complex geological condition.
In the drilling process, three semicircle spaces are formed between the drill pipe of the edge drill pipe and the drill hole wall, and the removal of dust and gas is extended, and the gas and pulverized coal are discharged smoothly; When the drill pipe rotating drill, the three of drill pipe continuously transfers the redundant cavings to the hole, and achieves the effect of curing the hole wall of the drilling hole. It greatly reduces the occurrence of the phenomenon of the Embrace of the drilling tool and the loss of the drilling tool. This product has the characteristics of reasonable design, safe and reliable, good slag discharge effect, good drilling depth and good pore-forming effect.
In the soft coal seam drilling, it is advisable to use the fengpaizha method, equipped with the light orifice dust suppression device produced by our company, can achieve the ideal drilling and drilling effect. The flushing drilling method increases the probability of drilling, but compared with the waiyuanshi drill pipe, it still has high performance and hole advantage. In the selection of the drill bit, it is advisable to use the jingcha 10mm to the drill pipe, and jingcha to reduce the reinforcement effect of the nimo on the hole wall.
By analysis, can you initially distinguish between geological drill pipe and three drill pipe? Although there are similar places of material and application, but there is a certain distinction in the drilling process. So, whether the drilling tool, although applied in different drilling operations, but there will be some correlation!