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The construction of use bit of skill
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Are the drill rig is the main component of the impact energy, direct contact with rock, the blasting of the tool.Bit in the process of the whole operation, stress is very complex, so to make bit of material, shape, etc have very high requirements.To grasp the technical essentials in the use of eccentric drilling operation, selection of drilling parameters should be on the low speed, low feed pressure, high return wind speed for the principle, operation process should be based on the degree of hardness, loose rock drilling formation in control factors, such as drilling speed, water content, when drilling meet special loose or larger crack formation, especially to reduce the feed rate and feed pressure, repeated discharge hole cleaning.In the operation of specific construction also should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Under the drill hole should check before DTH impacter boots, with pipe, casing and drilling string sleeve is rigid, eccentric bit rotation is flexible, ventilation is smooth.
2. The follow up of observation should be paid attention to during the process of drilling casing and hole row powder, each drilling 0.3 ~ 0.4 m should be strong blow hole powder, to maintain hole cleaning.Blow hole, the center drill upward moving distance should be kept under strict control to row of powder in the limit, powerful blow hole is able to be prohibited in the process of drilling force pulling the center drill.
3. Or need to change the center drilling tools towards the end of drilling, hole should be clear, the residue in the bottom of the bore blows completely, then stop turning, the center drill slowly upward movement, there was just enough to carry the size of the lifting force center tool is more appropriate, hoisting height with eccentric bit back in contact with the casing shoe front end;Then reverse drilling tools at low speed, slowly up to try the center drill.When observed center drill can well improve, suggests that eccentric drill has collapsed, then according to the conventional method improves center drill, drill until all center.When reverse drilling tools, should be careful operation, to prevent tripping drilling string.
4. Sometimes because of too much residual slag at the bottom of the bore, eccentric bit rotary part affected by slag jammed and eccentric bit of curl.When try to mention a few times still cannot work, should be conveying compressed air, again for hole cleaning, and makes the DTH hammer for a short time to work, then back center drill improve operations.
DTH hammer with pipe drilling technology is used to overcome complex formation drilling engineering construction means a kind of effective method, eccentric with pipe drilling tool because of its unique structure, good workability for complex formation drilling construction provides a reliable technical guarantee.Applied in the engineering construction with tube of the specifications of the drill series has increasingly perfect, and development by puncture radial big aperture.