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Artificial playing well pay attention to safety is top prior
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Impingement Wells have certain risk, ask for each specific operating personnel should keep exuberant energy, must wear a good helmet in accordance with the requirements for homework.In the construction site is strictly prohibited fireworks, in the process of construction to take care of each other, cooperate with each other.Protect yourself and take care of the safety of others.The concrete construction process to strict attention to the following:
First construction of electricity facilities installation, disassembly and maintenance must be unified by the electrician is responsible for the operation.Don't allow other people to work.The construction of foundation pit edge must be protective.You must cut off power supply in the maintenance of mechanical equipment, homework, should cut off the power and lock the switch box.Lightning protection, flood control, the rainy season construction notice.
Installation site should level off, solid drilling rig.If the drill at soft stratum, deal with the foundation for processing, and then laid mat wood, guarantee the stability of the drill on the job, in order to avoid local subsidence occurred during drilling work, drilling precision.
Secondly, installation drill must maintain the balance of the drill, the ground should choose flat.Before running the rig is to do a good job of check, filling lubricating oil, the clutch and remove impurities and mud.To ensure the normal operation of the rig.And check the motor rotate to, when viewed from the direction of the pulley motor, motor XuanXiangYing clockwise rotation.It is strictly prohibited to equipment working in spite of illness.Will reel stop, then loosen continuously, to land a bit in the hole, don't make it free fall.Regularly check the wire rope damage, such as broken wires of more than 5%, should be replaced in a timely manner.Tungsten gold set a tension test should be done.Wire rope clip, which is connected with the bit number, should press strength such as the installation.Work in the fall, if drill, should not be suspended in the air, the drilling tool should be on later, drop in again.
Finally, under the drill operation, before, should check the integrity of the bit.Pay attention to the pull rod is normal, prevent injury of mast.Do four forbidden (crack strands wire rope, work is strictly prohibited, it is strictly prohibited to imprison on of the drillers' parts, it is forbidden to remove the shield bad weather, it is strictly prohibited assignment)
Conclusion: if we are in strict accordance with the requirements of the above Wells homework, then can put an end to the happening of the risk, ensure the smooth progress of work.