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By technical improvement and improved the quality of the pro
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Company to improve mine, anchoring, water well drill rod, such as DTH drill pipe quality, technology as the leading, constantly increase the intensity of technical transformation, beyond innovation tempering heat treatment production line for technical renovation of key working procedure, change the single wire heat treatment production line to double synchronous heat treatment production line, because the upset end at the ends of the pipe body and large difference of the thickness of the middle part of special structure, single set up two level for thickening filling temperature of the device, ensure the whole pipe body before quenching and tempering temperature uniformity, especially for rare earth element composition material of special pipe body, quenching and tempering, avoid the tube because not temper in time, as a result of time interval is longer than the inner quality defects and the insufficiency, dual process for heat treatment after the whole pipe body performance indicators to ensure consistency.To ensure that the tube body quenching martensite tempered sorbite, timely steel grain refinement, improve the hardness of the pipe body, improve the tensile and impact properties.
After modification, the heat treatment production line, production efficiency has been increased amplitude, process USES standard oil drill pipe processing technology, on the tube body conditioning treatment, make its performance to class S135 steel grade S135 steel pipe mechanical strength 2 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary pipe, service life is 2 times more than ordinary drill pipe.