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U135 cutter pick
Product Introduction
Our Company produce Various kind of Cutters. Cutter body made of 35CroMo Stell, which mold by large cold press machine,have more hardness and more strength than others. Through vacuum heat treatment, its hardness could be from 40HR to 45HR,surface without oxidation.The weld bead of Cutting alloy Surround by a wear-resistant layer.The alloy hardness could be 60HR.The alloy fall off hardly.We  adopt YG11C alloy because of stable bending strength and hardness. Product performance improved greatly. According to the user's actual needs of personalized production and processing. Our company has a sound quality inspection methods and control system.
Num Model Name Cutter Type
1 U47-19R TBM cutter Φ19×26 Wearing Layer
U47-19H Φ19×26 Gauge Protection
U47-22R TBM cutter Φ22×28 Wearing Layer
U47-22H Φ22×28 Gauge Protection
2 U135(S200)-25R TBM cutter Φ25×38 Wearing Layer
U135(S200)-25H Φ25×38 Gauge Protection